David and Amanda’s Engagement Session

26 copyDavid and Amanda are my wedding clients who are getting married in September. We went on an engagement photo shoot last weekend and had a good time. I like doing engagement shoots it gives me a chance to get to know my clients before the “Big” day. It was a perfect day and we had fun!

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Built to Spill 5-15-09

     Here are some pictures of another one of my favorite bands, Built to Spill. Being that they live here in Boise, I am lucky to be able to see them often. These  photos were taken at the VAC. I’ve taken other pictures at the VAC and am finding it to be a challenge. The lighting seems to be dimmer than at other places. I am glad  that these are just for my own use. As a customer, the VAC is an awesome venue to see a concert.  Lots of room, you can get close to the stage, and you “can” take pictures.  Next time, I’ll see if they can turn the lights up just a smidge or I might have to go back to my annoying flash.

In conclusion, Built to Spill= Great!  BTS1 web BTS4 copy

Pictures= Not so Great! bts3 copy BTS8 web 

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Mike and Autum photoshoot

     Mike had contacted me about doing a photo shoot as a surprise for his girlfriend. He wanted to have them taken on their 3rd. year anniversary. I suggested having the photo shoot take place at a park.  He told her they were going for a walk and then out for dinner. Imagine her surprise when I walked up and asked, “are you Mike and Autum”?

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