Deer Tick returns to Boise

     On June 20th. a friend of our’s, John McCauley of  Deer Tick rolled back into Boise for another incredible and fun-filled night. Deer Tick first performed at the Record Exchange and then to a packed audience at the Neurolux. Over the years, Travis and I have been telling friends, strangers, and just about anyone who would listen about John McCauley. I couldn’t help but to feel a bit of pride as I stood by the side of the stage and watched all the screaming fans cry out for more. With up coming performances scheduled for Jimmy Kimmel and Saturday Night Live, he sure has come a long way since the first time we met him and saw him perform in a little Nampa coffee shop in 2006.

DSC_4423 web

DSC_4471 web    


DSC_4467 web


DSC_4488 web DSC_4490 web

DSC_4452 webDSC_4431 web Copy of DSC_4558 web DSC_4638 web

DSC_4466 web

DSC_4417 web


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