Family Love

     I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks. The nice thing is getting to see my returning clients. I am always excited to photograph the Williams family. These children are so full of personality that it makes my job easy! I feel thankful that they trust me with such special moments in their lives.





Low-fi Photoshoot

      Our friends from the band Low-fi contacted me about doing a quick photoshoot while they record their new CD. I was happy to do so and I am excited to hear their new CD!


Sloan Family Pictures

       I’ve been photographing the Sloan’s for several years now and we finally scheduled our sitting for outside this year. I love photographing families outside. More room more backgrounds and more fun. I think this was our best sitting so far!





      I know Douglas from my other job. I also work as a preschool teacher. I tried to get Douglas familiar with me before the session so I wouldn’t seem like a stranger. He is a  shy, sweet boy who doesn’t miss a thing. The session went well and Douglas was happy to be the center of  attention.



And Baby makes Three

          In September the calls began to come in for family sittings. I enjoy these sessions because I get to capture the love and emotions that moms and dads have for their little ones. Not long into this session this sweet little girl tripped and bit her lip. It started bleeding and I thought for sure our session was over. She cried for a second and jumped up and was happy as could be. Babies and so fragile yet so tough!




Green Tomatoes turn Red

     Today I remembered I had stored some green tomatoes in a brown paper bag to ripen. I decided to take a look and guess what I found? Lots of red tomatoes. It worked! The night before our first frost in October Emma and I went outside and picked the green ones in the dark with a flashlight. I explained to hear my mom had told me they would slowly ripen if we stored them in a paper bag. We didn’t want to waste the green ones.

    There just weren’t enough to justify getting out all my canning supplies so I decide to make salsa and freeze it. Much, much easier! And that I did. I ended up with five bags of salsa and one bag of juice. I figured I can use the juice in tomato soup or in my spaghetti. I am already looking forward to planting more tomato plants next year!