Drew and Ashley Got Married!

Drew and Ashley had a beautiful fall wedding at the The Bishops’ House in Boise.


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Kaylor Wedding

It’s a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding!  The Kaylor’s were a  joy to photograph.  I was so impressed with the behavior of all the children.  What a beautiful family they have.





Today’s the day ~ Brent and Anna tie the knot

What a beautiful day for a wedding. I love it when a bride trusts my artistic vision. I told Anna I wanted to do a photoshoot before the wedding at an abandoned building outside of town and she was totally cool with that.  After we got there, I felt a little regretful. It was hot. The ground was dusty, but she was a trooper and determined to get those artistic photos done. Now after seeing these pictures, I have no regrets. Thanks to the whole wedding party for being such great models.




Young Love

     Someone asked me today if I get nervous when I photograph weddings. I use to when I used film, now that I shoot digital I am excited to photograph a wedding. I always feel an honor to be apart of this special time in someone’s life.  This particular couple were first loves. They had been dating since they were fifteen. Everyone in the family seemed so happy that this day had finally happened. The part of the wedding that always touches me the most is the “father daughter” dance. You can tell by the picture she will always be, daddy’s little girl.

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Mr. and Mrs. Hurst

 Congratulations to Andrew and Amie Hurst!

   They were a joy to photograph. Amie had such a cheerful personality. She didn’t even complain when I took her outside into 28 degree weather. She was very comfortable in front of the camera which made my job easy.
I took a second photographer with me . Cody Earl is a Military photographer here in Boise. Andrew and Amie requested a second photographer and I knew Cody would be the right one for the job. Andrew is in the Military and so is Cody so I knew they would be comfortable around each other. I believe it is important as a photographer to get a sense of my client’s style and personality in order to capture the true person. I believe Cody and I did that with Andrew and Amie.
Thanks Cody for all your help!
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